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It can sound so cliché to say ‘be you fully’. Of course, we all know we have unique talents along with the ability to aspire in the direction of our dreams with the right mindset. But do we?

Sometimes life takes over, let’s face it, life is complicated.

In December, Monster conducted a survey* that found a whopping 96% of workers are looking for a new job in 2023. That is a number never seen before. Money, career progression, workplace culture, and unemployment were the top reasons. The world is definitely in a state of flux and we are all rethinking our approach and path to life and work.

Hello Awesome™ was created because of a gap noticed with candidates and organizations, a missed opportunity to focus on strengths over ‘areas of development’. We can manage our weaknesses but the reality is they will not become strengths.

Time is well spent focusing on our superpowers, our true strengths, and leading with them will help us attain top performance and promote wellness across all areas of our life. Over the years as a career consultant and coach, I’ve noticed an issue with candidates being able to succinctly articulate their strengths. Let’s face it, it is difficult to sell something we can’t confidently identify in ourselves. Know that you are not alone!

Hello Awesome™ Offer

Join the 30%* of people who know their strengths and become one of the 17%* who put them to use daily.

We have an offer for you to GIFT to yourself or surprise someone you love.

In order to inspire some love for your strengths Hello Awesome™ is offering 20% off our individual coaching sessions purchased through the month of February.

  • Career Coaching

  • Strength identification and coaching

  • Transition consulting

  • Confidence and Mindset Coaching

  • Becoming an Ally consulting

Before you go down a path looking for a new role, define your true talents and have a session with a certified HR leader with 30+ years of talent acquisition and recruiting experience.

Investing in yourself or those you love could result in awesome membership in a group of people who are 3 X’ as likely to report having an excellent quality of life, those who focus on using their strengths.

Check out the ‘For Individuals’ tab on our website for more details on our coaching sessions.

*Gallup Inc. research

Link for Monster survey –

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