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The Awesomeness of Teams

Outstanding leaders recognize that being in service to their team creates loyalty, comradery and results. Leadership that goes out of their way to boost confidence and development of each team member and also invests in inclusive team building, allows everyone to be seen and heard.

Diverse Group of People standing and smiling beside each other
Phase 1
Individual strengths-based assessment and coaching sessions

Imagine your team's excitement as you invest in their personal and professional development.

Each team member would do a strengths assessment and have a one-to-one coaching session with a certified strengths coach about their results.

Diverse Group of People standing and smiling beside each other
Phase 2
Team strengths-based session

Now, visualize your team coming together to share their learning in a positively focused strengths-based session. Actively partner with them as you all discover team strengths together. Call it a gift to yourself as you share with your team ahha moments in a powerful interactive setting. Synergy, inclusion, belonging all wrapped in a strengths-based bow.

Think about the long-term benefits and brilliance of this opportunity!

And there’s even more awesome! The huge win-win is that strengths-based employee development was found to increase performance by up to 18%*

*Gallup Inc.


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If you’re a leader interested in hearing more about how to engage your team in strengths-based development, let’s chat!

Customized programming and pricing are available.


"Karen has a rare combination of patience, spunk, and leadership skills."        "Karen is a motivational, conscientious, and supportive leader."        "Karen is the most inspiring leader I've ever had the pleasure to work with."        "As a speaker, she made sure all the women present in the room that day were empowered and boosted with a lot of confidence and hope!"        "Karen was an inspiration to work with during our program. She delivered one of clearest and most succinct presentations"        "She has this ability to rapidly gauge people, get down to brass tacks, and keenly understand their core strengths and aspirations."        "Karen’s smarts, candor and dedication to customer service permeate throughout her organization."


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